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[SBS Star] Yuri Bids Goodbye to Her Dog 'Hani'


작성 2018.06.15 11:25 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Yuri Bids Goodbye to Her Dog Hani
K-pop girl group Girls' Generation's member Yuri has recently lost her beloved dog Hani.

On June 14, Yuri shared three heartbreaking posts on her social media account.YuriIn the first post, Yuri shared pictures of Hani and wrote, "Before I left Korea, I looked into your eyes and prayed for you to stay alive until I returned. You must have been enduring the pain to say goodbye to me on the day when I got on the plane."

She continued, "You gave me so much love, and you have comforted me during hard times. I will cherish every moment with you. I hope you were happy with me. I hope you will stay with me for longer in the next life. Thank you, love you, and I'm sorry, Hani."YuriYuri also shared pictures of Hani in the second post and wrote, "2011.09.19-2018.05.28 Hani, thank you and I love you."

The last post was a picture of an urn as well as the very last moment of Hani.

Along with the pictures, Yuri wrote, "Thank you so much to fans who loved Hani. I'm sure Hani won't forget that in heaven."YuriBack in May, Yuri revealed that Hani was suffering from end-stage renal disease.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'yulyulk' Instagram)

(SBS Star)