[SBS Star] Park Seo Jun ♥ Park Min Young's Romance Blows Your Mind!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Seo Jun ♥ Park Min Youngs Romance Blows Your Mind!
The romance of actor Park Seo Jun and actress Park Min Young in their latest drama completely melts the hearts of viewers.

On June 14 episode of tvN's drama 'Why Is Secretary Kim Like That?', Park Seo Jun's character 'Lee Young Jun' and Park Min Young's character 'Kim Mi So' get to spend time together at her house.

From the start of the scene in which Lee Young Jun visits Kim Mi So's house, the drama was full of sweet romance.

After Lee Young Jun had arguments and physical fights with his sibling, he unconsciously headed to Kim Mi So's house.Why Is Secretary Kim Like That?Kim Mi So, seeing Lee Young Jun's scar on his lips, took him into her house to cure his injury.

Carefully looking at his lips, Kim Mi So put an ointment on the wound, and Lee Young Jun deeply gazed at her.Why Is Secretary Kim Like That?After this romantic moment, Kim Mi So soon prepared a dish of ramen for him. While she was preparing the meal, Lee Young Jun tried to move a doll on her bed that covered her unorganized laundries and wardrobes.Why Is Secretary Kim Like That?Kim Mi So, surprised by his abrupt action, tried to stop him from moving the doll and ran into him.

From her rapid running, the two unintentionally hugged each other on the bed, and Lee Young Jun did not let her go and responded to this unexpected situation with a sweet comment.Why Is Secretary Kim Like That?He said, "Please stay like this for a while. I''m trying to fall in love. With you."

The viewers of the drama responded to the scene, saying, "My heart is melting.", "Park Seo Jun is the king of romance drama!", "What an amazing chemistry of the two!", and many more.

(Credit= tvN Why Is Secretary Kim Like That?)

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