[SBS Star] Wanna One's Fans are Touched by Heize's Message Hidden In Her Earring


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Wanna Ones Fans are Touched by Heizes Message Hidden In Her Earring
K-pop artist Heize, who recently collaborated with boy group Wanna One's sub-unit The Heal, expressed her heartfelt message to the group's fans in a special way.
Wanna One The HealPreviously, Heize produced a song for The Heal―Wanna One's Ong Seong Wu and Lee Dae Hwi―called 'Sandglass'.

As Wanna One is a project group which is expected to be disbanded at the end of this year, Heize expressed the sorrowful hearts of the Wanna One members as well as their fans through the song.

Then on June 1 during Wanna One's world tour 'ONE: THE WORLD' in Seoul, Heize sang the part that speaks on behalf of Wanna One's fans.
Wanna One, HeizeHeize was seen crying during rehearsals, and she also showed her teary eyes when the fans at the venue sang her part along with her.

After the concert, a photo of Heize during the performance went viral on various online communities as her earring has a hidden message to fans.
HeizeIn the photo, Heize is wearing a earring with a clock, and the clock is stopped at 8:07.
Heize InstagramAlong with the earring, Heize also posted a photo of a sandglass and another clock on her social media account, and the clock also displays 8:07.

The time signifies the date of Wanna One's debut, August 7, and it was her way to express her love and support for the members as well as the fans.
Wanna One, Heize(Credit= Mnet 'Wanna One Go: X-CON', 'heizeheize' Instagram, SWING Entertainment, Online Community)

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