[SBS Star] Koo Ha Ra Supports Park Seo Jun with a Coffee Truck!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Koo Ha Ra Supports Park Seo Jun with a Coffee Truck!
Singer/actress Koo Ha Ra sent a coffee truck to the filming site of actor Park Seo Jun's latest drama and boasted their close friendship.

On June 13, Park Seo Jun uploaded photos of the coffee truck with amusing slogans sent by Koo Ha Ra.Koo Ha Ra, Park Seo JunWith the slogans saying, "Seo Jun oppa and Min Young unnie, have some coffee and cheer up! I support the drama team! No.1 Koo Ha Ra gets all of it for you!"

Her amusing slogans that resemble the ones from the 19th regional election of Korea held on the day gains attention from the public.

Park Seo Jun also responded to her amusing comments with the message, "Thank you so much, president Koo."Koo Ha Ra, Park Seo JunThe two's close relationship seemed to be emerged from the fact that they are under the same entertainment agency, Content Y.

Meanwhile, Park Seo Jun is filming tvN's drama 'Why Is Secretary Kim Like That?' and getting incessant love and attention from the public.

Koo Ha Ra is also actively interacting with her fans through many TV shows and projects.

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