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[SBS Star] Tiffany Finds a New Entertainment Agency and Fires Comeback!


작성 2018.06.14 16:37 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Tiffany Finds a New Entertainment Agency and Fires Comeback!
Tiffany from K-pop girl group Girls' Generation has reportedly signed a contract with an American entertainment agency to fire comeback as a solo artist.

On June 13 local time, Paradigm Talent Agency has updated the profile of the company's artists.

From the update, Tiffany is added to the list of artists with the name 'Tiffany Young' and a new profile picture.TiffanyIn the released photo, Tiffany is in chic black jumpsuits that highlight her mature and charismatic charms.

Paradigm Talent Agency is one of the best entertainment agencies in America with many renowned artists such as The Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran and many more.

With the help of her new company, Tiffany finally unveils as a solo artist.TiffanyToday, the details of Tiffany's new album 'Over My Skin' have been released.

In a simple background, the album cover has Tiffany wearing natural makeup and covering her face with a transparent veil.

Because Tiffany has concentrated on studying acting after she left her previous agency―SM Entertainment, the sudden announcement of her comeback gains attention from the public.

The album is scheduled to be released on June 28.

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