[SBS Star] BTS Impresses ARMY at Its Prom Party!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BTS Impresses ARMY at Its Prom Party!
K-pop boy group BTS successfully held a special fan meeting event with its fan, ARMY.

On June 13, BTS held the special fan meeting 'FESTA: BTS PROM PARTY' at BLUE SQUARE, Seoul, and celebrated the group's 5th debut anniversary.

This special event was also aired via V LIVE in real time for fans who could not join the place.BTSThe fan meeting was full of various activities for ARMY and the members of the group.

Each member, for instance, made confessions and had time to ask questions about each other.

JIN said, "When we stay at a hotel in other countries, why would all members come to my room and order dishes?".BTSJ-HOPE also apologized for JIMIN, saying, "JIMIN, I have something tell you. Do you remember the time when your phone case had a sticky gum on it? You were so upset with that."

He highlighted, "Now I tell you the truth. That was my gum. I'm so sorry, I've got a new phone case for you."BTSRM also asked JUNGKOOK, "Why would you take photos of us when we take our clothes off and when we are about to wear glasses on?".

JUNGKOOK laughed and responded, "When I get better in editing, I will release the photos."

At the event, the members had special performances and boasted their amazing musical talents.BTSOn top of BTS' impressive and startling performances, the most memorable part of the event was the time when the members delivered thankful messages for their fans.

V said, "5 years have passed so fast, and I feel like I've had much time and memories with ARMY."BTSJUNGKOOK noted, "I read the letters from our fans. What they say in common is that BTS gives them energy and power although they're in different situations and environments."

He highlighted, "ARMY always brightens us, so we'll try our best to be your moon."

RM wrapped up, saying, "We'll try our best to be cooler and keep our precious things. Please keep your eyes on us, and it was great to be with you on the day of BTS' 5th debut anniversary."BTS(Credit= Big Hit Entertainment, BTS V LIVE)

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