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[SBS Star] Girls' Generation Seohyun's Recent Update Worries Her Fans


작성 2018.06.14 15:49 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Girls Generation Seohyuns Recent Update Worries Her Fans
K-pop girl group Girls' Generation Seohyun's new social media post is making her fans concern.

On June 14, Seohyun uploaded an image with some writings on her social media account.

In the image, it says, "In life, there is a door that only opens after you experience sadness. A sad person is someone who watches over the moment of a new life beginning."SeohyunThis was actually quoted from a Japanese author Wakamatsu Eisuke's essay 'The Hidden Meaning of Sadness' (literal translation).

'The Hidden Meaning of Sadness' was on the best selling list in 2016, which is known to have soothed and consoled a number of Japanese readers' hearts after the horrific earthquake and tsunami that hit Tohoku in 2011.SeohyunAfter seeing Seohyun's post, her fans have grown concern for Seohyun.

At the moment, many fans are asking if she is okay while some are comforting her by leaving positive comments on her social media account.SeohyunMeanwhile, Seohyun has confirmed to lead MBC's upcoming drama 'Time' (literal translation).

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'seojuhyun_s' Instagram)

(SBS Star)