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[SBS Star] Taeyeon Won't Be Having Any Domestic Promotions For Her New Album; Here's Why


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Taeyeon Wont Be Having Any Domestic Promotions For Her New Album; Heres Why
Taeyeon from K-pop girl group Girls' Generation reportedly won't be promoting her new album in Korea.

Recently, it was announced that Taeyeon will release her third solo mini album 'Something New' on June 18.
TaeyeonHowever, industry insiders revealed that she will not be performing her new song on music shows or appearing on TV programs to promote it.
TaeyeonAn insider noted, "Taeyeon decided not to do any broadcast promotions for her new song. The new summer album is rather a special gift to her Korean fans who have been waiting for her new album for a long time."

The insider continued, "She kicks off her 'TAEYEON -JAPAN SHOWCASE TOUR 2018 -' starting on June 15 in Fukuoka, Japan. Therefore, she wanted to leave something special for her fans while she is off to Japan for her overseas promotions for the time being."
TaeyeonThe upcoming album consists of six new songs of Taeyeon―with the neo-soul, urban-pop genre title track 'Something New'.

Taeyeon has proven her potential as a solo vocalist with many hit songs including '11:11', 'Why', 'Rain', 'I', and more.

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