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[SBS Star] Henry Brightly Smiles with Lee Nayoung!


작성 2018.06.14 11:25 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Henry Brightly Smiles with Lee Nayoung!
K-pop artist Henry unveiled his amazing encounter with actress Lee Nayoung.

On June 13, Henry uploaded photos of him and Lee Nayoung on his social media account with concise comments, saying, "Coffee by the beach!!! Who wants to join?!".

In the photos, Lee Nayoung and Henry are gazing at the camera with bright smiles.Henry, Lee NayoungHenry's witty way of pouting lips and Lee Nayoung's posture of cutely pointing at his lips catch the eyes of the public.Henry, Lee NayoungFrom the photos, it is noted that the two met at the filming site of a coffee brand's commercial.

Because Lee Nayoung has barely featured on screen after marriage, the public is astonished to see her unchanged beauty and smiles from the photos.

Meanwhile, Henry has jumped off to a new start as an artist by launching his own management agency.

Lee Nayoung looks forward to making comeback on screen with the film 'Beautiful Days' (2017).

(Credit= 'henryl89' Instagram)

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