[SBS Star] Kang Daniel Gives Support for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Kang Daniel Gives Support for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Kang Daniel from K-pop boy group Wanna One joined the ALS ice bucket challenge and gave support for the campaign.

On June 12, the video of Kang Daniel joining the ALS ice bucket challenge was unveiled on his group's official social media account.

In the video, Kang Daniel says, "Hello, this is Wanna One's Kang Daniel. I was chosen by EXO's CHANYEOL to join this meaning campaign that promotes the construction of the medical hospital for the ALS patients in Korea."Kang Daniel, SEANHe highlighted, "I'm very honored to give some support for the patients. Please support the campaign and pray with me for the patients!".

The video showed Kang Daniel dumping over a bucket of water and ice on his head to promote an awareness of the disease ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).
Kang Daniel, SEANOn top of the video, the certificate of Kang Daniel making donations worth of 2 million won (approximately 2,000 dollars) to the ALS patients' organization, the Seungil Hope Foundation, was released as well.Kang Daniel, SEANIn response to Kang Daniel's humble and thoughtful way of joining the campaign, SEAN from hip-hop group JINUSEAN as well as the starter of the campaign, applauded Kang Daniel's participation in the activity.Kang Daniel, SEANSEAN commented on his social media account, saying, "Wanna One's Kang Daniel has joined the ALS ice bucket challenge. He dumped over a bucket of water and ice, chose three more participants, and made donations worth of 2 million won."

SEAN highlighted, "His fans are also giving support for the organization, and the website of the Seungil Hope Foundation is completely frozen because so many people join the activity!".

He complimented Kang Daniel, saying, "Now I get why people are obsessed with Kang Daniel. I expect him to be an amazing singer and celebrity that positively influences people. Thank you so much."

Kang Daniel's active participation in the campaign has ignited more support from the public and shown the positive effect of a celebrity's incredible popularity.

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