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[SBS Star] BTS Celebrates the 5th Debut Anniversary with ARMY All Around the World!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BTS Celebrates the 5th Debut Anniversary with ARMY All Around the World!
K-pop boy group BTS left messages for its fan ARMY all around the world to celebrate the group's 5th debut anniversary.

On June 13, all members of BTS posted their selfies with loving messages for the fans on the group's official social media account after they held the special fan meeting 'FESTA: 2018 BTS PROM PARTY' at BLUE SQUARE, Seoul.

JUNGKOOK and JIN, for instance, left concise messages with their photos.

JUNGKOOK commented, "Thank you for being with us for five years. I sincerely thank all of you!".BTSJIN also briefly expressed gratitude for his fans, saying, "It was so much fun today! See you again on our 6th debut anniversary!".BTSRM, SUGA, and V left simple comments full of love for their fans as well.

RM said, "I was glad to be with my fans on our 5th debut anniversary!".BTSV posted a photo of his puppy and commented, "You always heal me. Thank you, and I love you!".BTSSUGA had a photo of him with naughty facial expression. He wittily said, "All of us, ttaeng! Thank you ARMY! Everyone was great at the FESTA too!".BTSLastly, J-HOPE and JIMIN left long comments for their fans with impressed feelings.

J-HOPE noted, "Thank you for believing and loving us for five years. Recently, I feel that I'm alive because of you. I really love you too ARMY. And happy birthday for us, BTS!".BTSJIMIN commented with caring words, saying, "The 5th debut anniversary of BTS. It's been around five years since we were with ARMY. I was so happy to spend time with you today."BTSHe highlighted, "From now on, we'll have more exciting events and impressive memories coming up. Aren't you excited for those? I love you."

Meanwhile, BTS was briefly featured on the popular American talk show 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' on June 12 local time.

After BTS has joined the show in December 2017, it was the second time for the group to visit the program again.BTSJames Corden joyfully welcomed the group by saying, "Thank you so much for coming back to see us!".

With the host's welcoming comments, BTS performed the group's latest title track 'FAKE LOVE' for the American audience and mesmerized the world.BTS(Credit= 'BTS_twt' Twitter, Big Hit Entertainment)

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