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[SBS Star] Block B JAEHYO Under the Spotlight for Helping Out an Elderly Man


작성 2018.06.12 17:35 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Block B JAEHYO Under the Spotlight for Helping Out an Elderly Man
K-pop boy group Block B's member JAEHYO is under the spotlight for getting out of his car to help out an elderly man while driving by him in the countryside.

On June 11, JAEHYO's friend 'A' posted four pictures of JAEHYO on his/her social media account with the caption that said, "An idol group member who helps out an elderly man pulling a handcart."

In the photos, JAEHYO goes up to the elderly man, and pulls a handcart together.JAEHYOJAEHYOAccording to 'A', JAEHYO was driving on the road in Hwaseong in the evening to go fishing.

While driving, JAEHYO spotted an elderly man who was pulling a handcart alone, having a hard time going uphill.

As soon as JAEHYO saw him, he stopped the car right away, and helped him out with no hesitation.JAEHYOJAEHYO'A' also explained the reason behind the upload of photos on social media, "JAEHYO performs good deeds very frequently. They are just not publicly known. I decided to share these photos, because I wanted to let the world know how kind JAEHYO is."

It turns out that JAEHYO actually has been making steady and persistent effort to better the world by regularly volunteering in a dog shelter as well as delivering briquettes to homes.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, 'bbjhyo' Instagram)

(SBS Star)