[SBS Star] BTS V's Coffee Truck Delivery to Park Hyung Sik!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BTS Vs Coffee Truck Delivery to Park Hyung Sik!
Actor Park Hyung Sik expressed his thanks to K-pop boy group BTS' V for sending him a coffee truck to his drama filming set.
Park Hyung Sik, VOn June 12, Park Hyung Sik uploaded a series of photos of himself posing in front of a coffee truck.

In the caption, Park wrote, "I don't need an explanation in detail..." along with hash tags 'Next time, hyungs will send you one', 'Thank you, Taehyung (V's real name)', and 'I love you Tae-tae (V's nickname)'.
Park Hyung Sik, VApparently, V sent Park Hyung Sik a snack truck, who is currently busy filming his latest drama 'Suits'.

On the truck, V also put a banner of himself and Park Hyung Sik with messages like, "Our baby is surprised? Our baby has turned into an associate lawyer now. All thanks to you people. Thank you so much."
Park Hyung Sik, V, Park Seo JunUpon seeing the photos, fans expressed their excitements by commenting, "They are so adorable.", "Friendship goals!", "Taehyung, Hyung Sik and Seo Jun! Bromance forever.", and so on.

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