[SBS Star] Sulli Loves the Dishes of SEUNGRI's Ramen Store!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Sulli Loves the Dishes of SEUNGRIs Ramen Store!
Actress Sulli, a former member of K-pop girl group f(x), visited BIGBANG SEUNGRI's ramen store and applauded the dishes.

On June 11, Sulli uploaded photos of her having ramen at one of SEUNGRI's own restaurants.

Because SEUNGRI has been reputated as the successful global CEO in various businesses, his restaurants are getting incessant love from the public in many countries.Sulli, SEUNGRIIn the released photos, she is brightly smiling towards the camera and taking cute postures with chopsticks.Sulli, SEUNGRISulli, SEUNGRIAfter she posted the photos, Sulli commented, "A*** Ramen♥ It's so good! I had the most spicy dish, and my lips hurt."

Her photos at the restaurant suggest the close relationship of SEUNGRI and Sulli, and the remarkable accomplishment of SEUNGRI as a global CEO in various businesses.Sulli, SEUNGRIMeanwhile, Sulli looks forward to filming her reality show 'Jinri Market' (literal translation) that exposes her distinctive lifestyle. The show also unveils the preparation process of her own pop-up store.

(Credit= 'jelly_jilli' 'seungriseyo' Instagram)

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