[SBS Star] WINNER to Release Perfume Collection for Fans


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] WINNER to Release Perfume Collection for Fans
K-pop boy group WINNER will be releasing a collection of perfumes, specially curated by the group's fans.

On June 12, WINNER's management agency YG Entertainment announced that WINNER will be releasing its first perfume collection 'WINNERGRANCE'.
WINNER'WINNERGRANCE' consists of four different scents―'EVERYDAY', 'ISLAND', 'AIR' and 'REALLY REALLY', all named after WINNER's hit songs.

The perfumes are extra special as 2,056 fans of WINNER have participated in curating the scents as well as the package designing process.
WINNER'WINNERGRANCE' will be sold as a limited edition, 2,500 sold in sets with exclusive photo cards and 1,600 of each four scents sold individually.
WINNERMeanwhile, WINNER is scheduled to hold its fan meeting 'WINNER PRIVATE STAGE [WWIC 2018]' at Olympic Hall, Seoul on June 17.

(Credit= YG Entertainment, 'WINNER' Facebook)

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