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[SBS Star] Park Seo Jun's Eyes Are On Fire from Extreme Jealousy!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Seo Juns Eyes Are On Fire from Extreme Jealousy!
Actor Park Seo Jun's eyes are on fire from extreme jealousy for actress Park Min Young in his latest drama.

For the upcoming episode of tvN's drama 'Why Is Secretary Kim Like That?', Park Seo Jun's character 'Lee Young Jun' cannot hold onto his feelings from seeing Park Min Young's character 'Kim Mi So' closely attached to another guy.Why Is Secretary Kim Like That?In the previous episodes of the drama, Kim Mi So, the secretary of the narcissistic vice-president Lee Young Jun, has announced that she would like to quit her position.

Despite Lee Young Jun's cocky persuasion that he would get married to Kim Mi So to prevent her from leaving his side, secretary Kim coldly rejected Lee Young Jun's suggestion.

In this situation, Lee Young Jun gets jealous of seeing his secretary hanging out with another cool guy.

The guy named 'Ko Kwi Nam' in the released photo is noted to be the deputy of his department and beloved by all female workers at his work place.Why Is Secretary Kim Like That?With bright and gentle smiles, the deputy treats secretary Kim with amicable attitude while playing sports for the company's field day, and his action ignites greater animosity from Lee Young Jun.Why Is Secretary Kim Like That?The interesting storyline in addition to the unveiled photos evokes more curiosity from the public.

The upcoming episodes are scheduled to be aired this Wednesday and Thursday.

(Credit= tvN Why Is Secretary Kim Like That?)

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