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[SBS Star] VIDEO: BTS Says "Cheers for Our Bright Future!"


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: BTS Says "Cheers for Our Bright Future!"
K-pop boy group BTS had time to reveal their sincere thoughts for the group's incredible accomplishments this year.

On June 12, BTS released a video from the project '2018 BTS FESTA' through its official YouTube channel.

'2018 BTS FESTA' is created by the group's management agency Big Hit Entertainment to celebrate the 5th debut anniversary of the group. From June 1 to June 13, the project releases various photos, songs, and videos of BTS.
BTSFrom the unveiled video, the members of BTS had time to share thoughts and feelings for the group's unbelievable accomplishments as an artist with the release of its latest album 'LOVE YOURSELF 轉 Tear'.BTSThe video was filmed with the setting in which the members could have some drinks and honestly reveal their thoughts.

SUGA's comment especially gained attention from the public since his crying after the 2017 American Music Awards had various meanings.BTSHe said, "After we joined the AMAs, I cried alone while taking shower. The crying was from fear. I was under pressure because what we've accomplished is just more than what we'd expected."

The members also gave scores for their ability as an artist.

JIN noted, "I give myself 80. I mean, there's this part that you can never make up from working hard."

V nodded his head and agreed on JIN, saying, "I want to be the one who can give myself an answer to my struggles. I need to work harder."BTSBTS, known to be the group consisted of friendly members, also applauded each other.

JIN said, "JIMIN's so perfect on the stage. He diligently works hard behind the stage, and I'm so motivated and inspired by his efforts."BTSRM highlighted, "You know, BTS needs all members. People can notice someone's absence right away because we're the one who need all members on the stage. I think we definitely influence each other."BTSBTS also expressed gratitude for its fans, ARMY.

JIMIN noted, "I wasn't in a good condition while we were performing our songs for the 32nd Golden Disc Awards."BTSHe underscored, "At that time, I watched many videos of us, and the calling of 'young forever' by our fans made me get back to the stage and work harder. ARMY is the reason why we exist."

JUNGKOOK, the youngest of the group, wrapped up the episode with an impressive saying.BTSHe said, "Happiness comes from sadness and anger. We must be sad and upset at some point to be happy."

JUNGKOOK encouraged his members, "Cheers for our bright future! Hope we can look back in the days we've struggled and laugh about the time."

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