[SBS Star] BTOB Peniel Gives an Update on His Hair Loss


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BTOB Peniel Gives an Update on His Hair Loss
K-pop boy group BTOB's member Peniel gave an update on his hair loss.

On June 11 episode of KBS' variety show 'Hello Counselor', Peniel was invited as a guest.

Previously in 2016, Peniel publicly opened up about his hair loss and concerns that he had regarding the issue.PenielAt that time, he said, "It all started about five years ago. It kept getting worse, and my doctor told me that about 70 percent of my hair has been lost."

In the recent episode, however, Peniel brought some good news to everyone.PenielPeniel said, "My hair's gotten much better. I didn't even visit my doctor after I talked about it on this show, but it just naturally recovered itself."

He added, "About 70 percent of the loss has been recovered now."PenielOn June 11, BTOB pre-released a song 'The Feeling' ahead of its 11th mini album that is to be released on June 18.

(Lee Narin, Credit= KBS Hello Counselor)

(SBS Star)