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[SBS Star] LABOUM SOLBIN Apologizes for Abruptly Calling BTS JIN During Livestream


작성 2018.06.12 10:16 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] LABOUM SOLBIN Apologizes for Abruptly Calling BTS JIN During Livestream
SOLBIN from K-pop girl group LABOUM made official apologies for abruptly calling BTS' JIN during the group's online livestream.

On June 8, SOLBIN joined KBS' music program 'Music Bank' as a host for the last time.

To celebrate her last participation in the show, the members of LABOUM held a surprise party for SOLBIN and livestreamed the place for the group's fans via V LIVE.SOLBIN, JINAt the end of the livestream, when SOLBIN and the members of LABOUM delivered messages for their fans, JIN coincidentally passed the room.SOLBIN, JINNoticed that the room was for LABOUM, JIN knocked the door, briefly said, "You've done great today", and left the room.

In response to JIN's saying, SOLBIN quickly wrapped up the livestream and went out from the room.SOLBIN, JINAt that time, she called JIN, "Hey, Kim Suk Jin (JIN's real name)."SOLBIN, JINHer abrupt calling of JIN's name at the end of the livestream ignited severe controversy online since SOLBIN is born in 1997 and 5 years younger than JIN, born in 1992.

The public bitterly responded to SOLBIN's action, saying, "That was immature.", "JIN's oppa, but why would she call his full name?", "Isn't that rude? She was also holding a livestream."

But some people reacted to the responses by saying, "They were about to end the livestream.", "JIN and SOLBIN might be close to each other.", "People are overreacting.", and many more.

At late night of yesterday, SOLBIN uploaded a post on her social media account and made official apologies for her action.SOLBIN, JINFrom the post, she mentioned the controversial incident during the livestream after leaving thankful messages for the opportunity to join 'Music Bank' as a host for a year and ten months.

She said, "Lastly, I would like to apologize for the incident during the livestream that I held after joining 'Music Bank'."

She highlighted, "I'm so sorry for those who are hurt and disturbed by my careless behavior. I will be back with more modesty. Thank you."

(Credit= 'solbin0819' Instagram, 'BTS_twt' Twitter, LABOUM V LIVE)

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