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[SBS Star] GOT7 Takes Over Moscow with Its Sold-out Concert


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] GOT7 Takes Over Moscow with Its Sold-out Concert
K-pop boy group GOT7's worldwide popularity has been proven with its sold-out concert in Russia.

On June 6, GOT7 held a concert in the capital city of Russia―Moscow as part of its second world tour 'EYES ON YOU'.GOT7When the date of the concert was first announced in February, GOT7 fans in Russia went all excited, and the tickets were sold out in a blink.

Several K-pop artists have held concerts in Russia in the past, but tickets were never totally sold out.

'EYES ON YOU in Moscow' by GOT7 has become the first ever sold-out concert of a K-pop act in Russia.GOT7The concert took place at the Adrenaline Stadium, where the capacity is around 8,500 or more.

On the day of the concert, over 8,500 fans filled the stadium with GOT7's official light sticks, and even chanted along the group's songs in Korean.GOT7After the concert, '#GOT7inMoscow' trended on Twitter―one of the largest social networking service providers in the world, and a Russian magazine decorated their front cover with a picture of GOT7 and covered a story of the group the following day as well. GOT7GOT7GOT7 seems to have completely mesmerized Russians with its entertaining concert in Moscow.

For its world tour this year, GOT7 will be performing in 17 different cities around the world. GOT7(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, 'adrenaline_stadium' Instagram, JYP Entertainment)

(SBS Star)