[SBS Star] The Heartbreaking Story of BTS V Is Introduced in American Magazine?


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] The Heartbreaking Story of BTS V Is Introduced in American Magazine?
The heartbreaking story of V from K-pop boy group BTS is introduced by an American magazine and catches the eyes of the public with the group's amazing popularity in the States.

In recent days, a post from an online community uploaded screenshots of the cover page of an American magazine.

On the left top of the cover page, the photo of V with his depressing eyes is shown.BTS VWith the photo, the captions say, "Heart-to-heart with BTS' V: I left my friend's party crying!".

Inside the magazine, the whole pages of the book introduced V's heartbreaking story at school.BTS VThe story was unveiled by V about 11 months ago through the group's official online channel 'BTS' via V LIVE.

The online channel basically lets the members of BTS casually talk with their fans through a livestream.

In the livestream, V had some time to interact with his fans late at night.BTS VWhile having hamburgers, V listened to one of his fan's struggle at school. The fan said, "I fought with my friend, and that friend has so many companions. What should I do if I lose my friends?".

V calmly responded to the fan's story by openly talking about his time at school.

He said, "In previous days, I was in the same situation. I was about to lose my friends because of this one person."BTS VV highlighted, "That friend was so good at studying, playing sports, and everything. Compared to my friend, I wasn't special."

He talked in more details, saying, "Well, we were close, but I don't think he considered me as his true friend."

V noted, "I was aware of the fact that he looked down on me, but I said nothing. One day, it was my friend's birthday, and I was told by him that he was going to hold a birthday party."BTS VHe continued, saying, "At that time, it was a trend to get gift certificates for birthday presents. He told his friends that we had to get the gifts to go to his birthday party."

V said, "So I bought the gift certificate, but he didn't tell me where the party was held. Everyone except me knew about it."

He added, "So I walked around the town for 3 hours without any clues. Eventually I called him several times, and he picked up the call after a while."BTS VV sighed, "I asked him where I should go with the gift certificate, and he told me to come over to the game center. So I went there and gave him the certificate."

He highlighted, saying, "After giving the gift, I told him that I had to go back home, and I teared up while I was on my way to home."BTS VThe release of his heartbreaking memory at school was to soothe his fan who was in the same situation as he had been in.

Although V may have been reminded of the bad memories in the past, he naturally shared his personal struggles and experiences at school to interact with his fans.

The story touched hearts of many viewers of the livestream at that time and was introduced to the American audience by a magazine with BTS' incredible popularity.

The public responded to the post, "It's good to see that BTS is really popular in the States, but the story's so sad.", "Tae-tae, my heart is breaking.", "I'm about to cry.", and many more.

(Credit= Online Community, BTS V LIVE)

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