[SBS Star] Park Hae Jin Successfully Holds Promotions for 'Cheese in the Trap' in Japan!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Hae Jin Successfully Holds Promotions for Cheese in the Trap in Japan!
Actor Park Hae Jin visited Tokyo, Japan and successfully held promotions for his latest film 'Cheese in the Trap'.

On June 11, his management agency Mountain Movement announced that Park Hae Jin has attended interviews and met with the local audience in Meguro Persimmon Hall of Tokyo, Japan.Park Hae JinAlthough it has been a while since park Hae Jin visited the country, the fans and reporters competitively called for Park Hae Jin.

Park Hae Jin responded to the passionate welcoming with bright smiles.

He said, "I didn't expect so many of you would visit and see me here! I'm so thankful."

On the day of the promotion, Park Hae Jin walked around the theater and gave his fans gifts.
Park Hae JinFrom the interview held in Tokyo, Park Hae Jin answered to various questions from the Japanese news outlets and reporters.

He highlighted, "To understand my character Yoo Jung from the film, I've put so much time in preparing the role from long time ago. When someone gets to play the character in the future, I hope he acts out the role with more delicacy."

Park Hae Jin also chose the memorable scenes from the film to be the ones in which Yoo Jung kiss the female protagonist Hong Seol and the characters talk at a tented restaurant.

He noted, "I really liked the beautiful kiss scene, and the one in which Yoo Jung, Hong Seol, and In Ho get to drink at a tented restaurant on the street."Park Hae JinPark Hae Jin explained, "The kiss scene looked just like what I'd imagined, and the drinking scene precisely expressed the complicated relationship of the three."

The flim 'Cheese in the trap' draws a love story of an attractive yet enigmatic guy named 'Yoo Jung' and an ordinary, lovely girl named 'Hong Seol'.

With the storyline based on its original webtoon series, the film has gained attention from the public in Korea.

On top of the film's incredible domestic popularity, 'Cheese in the Trap' is scheduled to be premiered in Japan from July 14.

(Credit= Mountain Movement)

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