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[SBS Star] Hyoyeon Says She Can't Hang Out with 'Homebody' Taeyeon


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Hyoyeon Says She Cant Hang Out with Homebody Taeyeon
Hyoyeon from K-pop girl group Girls' Generation explained the reason why cannot often hang out with Taeyeon from a variety show.

On the upcoming episode of JTBC4's 'Secret Unnie', Hyoyeon and K-pop girl group MAMAMOO's Wheein will expose the greatest chemistry like real sisters.Secret UnnieFrom the last episode aired on May 11, Hyoyeon has described Taeyeon to be the 'extreme homebody'.

She said, "I can't take Taeyeon to the places I often go because Taeyeon will get shocked for sure. She always stay at home."

Hyoyeon has also mentioned about the members of her group, saying, "Because we have different interests in different areas, we're holding activities separately."Secret UnnieShe added, "But we promised that we will reunite when we want to."

The program 'Secret Unnie' features the bonding of various female celebrities. With three different couples, the show will reveal different stories of each couple every week.Secret Unnie(Credit= JTBC4 Secret Unnie, SM Entertainment)

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