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[SBS Star] Who Replaces Lee Seo Won on His Current Shows?


작성 2018.05.18 16:23 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Who Replaces Lee Seo Won on His Current Shows?
The celebrities who replace actor Lee Seo Won on his latest shows are unveiled.

On May 17, it is confirmed that Kim Dong Jun from K-pop boy group ZE:A joins to re-film the tvN's upcoming drama 'About Time', and N from K-pop boy group VIXX joins the KBS' music program 'Music Bank' as a special host.Kim Dong Jun, VIXX NPreviously, it was reported that Lee Seo Won has coerced his female colleague to engage in a sexual act without consent and aggressively threatened her.

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After Lee Seo Won's misdemeanor was reported, the staff of the shows with Lee Seo Won officially announced the removal of him from the programs.Kim Dong Jun, VIXX NBecause 'About Time' is set to air its first episode on May 21 without any setbacks in the broadcast schedule, Kim Dong Jun is expected to join the drama from today.Kim Dong Jun, VIXX NN also joins 'Music Bank' today, and the show will have a special MC for a while until the upcoming host is officially confirmed.Kim Dong Jun, VIXX N(Credit= Blossom Entertainment, 'ZEA.DONGJUN' 'RealVIXX' Facebook, 

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