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[SBS Star] VIDEO: IU Runs Barefoot at Her Fan Meeting!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: IU Runs Barefoot at Her Fan Meeting!
Singer IU ran barefoot at her fan meeting and gained attention from the public.

On May 16, IU held a special fan meeting 'My Lee Jieun' in Seoul and celebrated her 25th birthday with the fans.

On the day, IU was in a dress with curled hair half up.IUIU in the lovely dress reminded people of a princess from cartoons.

With the outfits that resemble the one of a princess, IU greeted her fans one by one.IUWhen IU introduced herself with a job application form, she wrote down that she is a talented runner.IUBut since IU is known to be the one who is not good at running at all, her fans questioned whether she is really a talented runner.

In response to her fans' doubt, IU said, "I've been running a lot for the drama 'My Mister'. I'm good at running now!".IUHer fans, however, did not believe IU, and she had to prove her skilled running at the venue.

When IU was about to run, one of her fans shouted, "Take off your shoes! It's dangerous."IUFollowing her fan's advice, IU took her shoes off and ran barefoot.

The public responded to her running, "She has improved!", "Wow, she's so cute.", "She always takes her fans' advice.", and many more.

(Credit= 'boxgame' YouTube)

(SBS Star)