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[SBS Star] NCT DREAM Shows Why We Should Not Use 'Konglish' in Front of a Native Speaker


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] NCT DREAM Shows Why We Should Not Use Konglish in Front of a Native Speaker
The video of K-pop boy group NCT's subunit NCT DREAM having a misunderstanding from using 'Konglish' (Korean-style English) resurfaces online.

In March 2018, NCT DREAM has widely held various activities for the group's new track 'Touch'.

To hold the song's promotions, the group has been in the short video of an online show 'V PICK!'.

From the video, the members of the group were in discussion to decide the phrase/sentence for an acrostic, and the member HAECHAN suggested, "How about we make an acrostic with the phrase NCT DREAM the love?"

Since 'the love' is often used in Korea in various situations, HAECHAN wanted to put it in a phrase.

Yet the member MARK, who was born and raised in Canada, pointed out that HAECHAN's usage of 'the love' is wrong.NCT DREAMAt first, MARK thought HAECHAN meant NCT DREAM is dirty because 'the love' sounds like 'dirty' in Korean (deo-leop).

But when he noticed that HAECHAN meant 'the love', he pointed out, saying, "Why do you say NCT DREAM the love? You should say NCT DREAM 'is' love."NCT DREAMHAECHAN, embarrassed by MARK's saying, responded, "I wanted to use 'the love' because it's often used in Korea!".NCT DREAMBut MARK was stubborn and replied, "No, but if you want to say what you mean, you should say NCT DREAM 'is' love because that's grammatically correct in English."NCT DREAMNCT DREAMMARK continued, "People will misunderstand your saying because NCT DREAM 'the love' and 'is love' mean completely different things."

HAECHAN, irritated by MARK's endless pointing out, reacted, saying, "Wow. Canada."NCT DREAMHAECHAN added, "Here is Korea man! Don't forgot!", and his short comment in English made everyone burst into laughter.NCT DREAM(Credit= V LIVE 'V PICK!')

(SBS Star)