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[SBS Star] Taeyeon's Solo Concert in Thailand Is Chosen to be the Best One of Asia!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Taeyeons Solo Concert in Thailand Is Chosen to be the Best One of Asia!
The solo concert of Taeyeon from K-pop girl group Girls' Generation is chosen to be the best concert of Asia from the awards ceremony in Thailand.

Taeyeon has held her solo concert 'TAEYEON solo concert-PERSONA-in BANGKOK' in May 2017.TaeyeonAfter the successful launch of her solo concert, the renowned awards ceremony in Thailand called 'KAZZ Awards 2018' elected Taeyeon's concert to be the best one of Asia.

From the ceremony, Taeyeon received 'The Best Asian Concert Award 2018' with incessant popularity.TaeyeonWelcoming the 12th anniversary of its launch, the series of the 'KAZZ Awards' are one of the biggest ceremonies in Thailand.

Established by Thailand's famous magazine 'KAZZ', the ceremony is held every year and gives special awards to talented artists of the year.

'The Best Asian Concert Award 2018' was given to Taeyeon with the highest number of votes from her fans in Thailand.TaeyeonAs a female solo artist, Taeyeon has held the concert in Thailand for the first time, and it is noted that the tickets of her concert were sold out soon after they were on sale.

Taeyeon's amazing talents in singing and holding various performances once again suggest the reason why she is recognized as one of the best K-pop artists.

(Credit= SBS funE, 'taeyeon_ss' Instagram)

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