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[SBS Star] YG Unveils BLACKPINK's Official Light Stick & Comeback Date


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] YG Unveils BLACKPINKs Official Light Stick & Comeback Date
Yang Hyun Suk, the head of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK's management agency YG Entertainment, unveiled BLACKPINK's official light stick and the group's comeback date.

On May 16, Yang Hyun Suk uploaded an image of long-awaited BLACKPINK's official light stick on his social media account.BLACKPINKAlthough it has been almost two years since the group's debut and the number of fans continues to add up rapidly, YG Entertainment had not released an official light stick for BLACKPINK's fans yet.

Despite the image being cropped, BLACKPINK's fans are happy that they are finally able to properly support their favorite K-pop group during concerts, fan meetings, and other events.

Then, on May 17, Yang Hyun Suk posted another image of BLACKPINK's official light stick. BLACKPINKUnlike the previous image which showed the top of the light stick, the bottom of the light stick was shown this time.

Interestingly, Yang Hyun Suk also shared a screenshot of four different comments that were made online about BLACKPINK as well.

In the screenshot, Yang Hyun Suk's reply was written below each comment in red. BLACKPINKHere is what the screenshot said:

dlwl****: It has been so long since BLACKPINK's debut, but an album has not been released once. Can YG make sure the group's album is released instead of a single?
Yang Hyun Suk: You are totally right. We will not be doing that this time.

club****: Confirm the date first!
Yang Hyun Suk: The group's comeback date has been confirmed to mid-June.

Unknown: Do not postpone its comeback, please!
Yang Hyun Suk: Yep. BLACKPINK will start its promotion in June and keep going until the end of the year.

gunw****: Stop getting ready for a comeback, and just let it happen for real. How long are you going to continue to do this for?
Yang Hyun Suk: Sorry for keeping you waiting. During that time though, we were able to make better songs for the group. We will not disappoint you.BLACKPINKPreviously on May 10, it was reported that BLACKPINK was scheduled to film a new music video on that day.

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Many fans all around the world are expressing their excitement ever since the news had been out, as this will mark BLACKPINK's return in almost a year after its last song 'As If It's Your Last', which was released on June 22, 2017.BLACKPINK(Lee Narin, Credit= 'fromyg' Instagram, 'BLACKPINKOFFICIAL' Facebook)  

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