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[SBS Star] SEUNGRI Shares His Recent Phone Call with TAEYANG


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] SEUNGRI Shares His Recent Phone Call with TAEYANG
K-pop boy group BIGBANG's SEUNGRI gave an update on how other BIGBANG members have been up to.

On May 12, SEUNGRI joined as a guest speaker at 'Blue Spring Festival 2018' and shared how other members are doing in the army.
BIGBANG SEUNGRISEUNGRI said, "I've recently talked on the phone with TAEYANG. He obtained the chance to make a phone call as he did well in (military) training. He was only given about five minutes, but he chose to call me."
BIGBANG SEUNGRIHe continued, "So I immediately asked him, 'Hyung! Why did you call me and not your wife?'. Then he told me that he misses me."
BIGBANG SEUNGRIAs for G-DRAGON, SEUNGRI said that he gained some weight and doing very well in the military.

He also noted that DAESUNG did not give him a call as he is doing too well in the army, and that T.O.P is also very sound and healthy.

You can watch SEUNGRI's full clip below.

(Credit= '0120 뱅덕' YouTube, YG Entertainment)

(SBS Star)