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[SBS Star] Lee Seo Won Charged with a Crime of Sexual Molestation and Threatening a Female Colleague


작성 2018.05.17 10:33 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Lee Seo Won Charged with a Crime of Sexual Molestation and Threatening a Female Colleague
Actor Lee Seo Won was charged with a crime of sexual harassment and aggressively threatening a female celebrity.

On May 16, it was reported that Lee Seo Won has coerced his female colleague to engage in a sexual act without consent.

From the police's report, it is noted that while Lee Seo Won was drinking with the female celebrity, he attempted to forcibly touch and kiss her.

Although she rejected Lee Seo Won's will, he continuously tried to touch her.Lee Seo WonThe female celebrity called her boyfriend to ask for help, yet Lee Seo Won responded to her action with an unlawful, offensive physical act of threat.

Lee Seo Won's misdemeanor was soon reported through the news outlets, and his agency Blossom Entertainment apologized for what Lee Seo Won has done.

The agency said, "We were told that his misdemeanor was from the time he was drinking with his friend. We do not have any excuses for Lee Seo Won's conduct. We are sincerely sorry for everything."

The agency continued, "Lee Seo Won is aware of his wrongdoing, and he is having time for self-reflection. We will make sure he participates in all necessary investigations of the case."Lee Seo WonLee Seo Won's charge of the crime influences many others since he has been widely holding activities in recent days.

As the host of KBS' music program 'Music Bank' and one of the actors for the tvN's upcoming drama 'About Time', Lee Seo Won has held various activities.

Yet from his misconduct, Lee Seo Won is replaced by another actor for his role in the drama.Lee Seo WonThe staff of 'About Time' noted, "We have been reported by his agency about his misdemeanor. We have decided to replace his role by another actor."

They continued, "Although Lee Seo Won's role is a supporting one with the story separated from the main plot, it cannot be removed from the whole story. So we plan to re-film the scenes with a different actor."

The staff said, "We have been filming the drama since February, so there is enough time to film the scenes without any setbacks in the broadcast schedule."

They highlighted, "The press conference of our drama will take place as planned on May 17."

The staff of 'Music Bank' also announced that the host of the program will be replaced by a different celebrity. They noted the show will have a special MC for a while until the upcoming host is confirmed.

(Credit= tvN, Blossom Entertainment)

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