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[SBS Star] SBS Launches Its First Global Concert 'SBS Super Concert in Taipei'!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] SBS Launches Its First Global Concert SBS Super Concert in Taipei!
SBS fires another global project with a special concert.

On May 16, it is officially announced that SBS launches its first K-pop global concert 'SBS Super Concert in Taipei'.SBS Super Concert in Taipei'SBS Super Concert in Taipei' is launched by SBS and Taiwanese company JUSTLIVE incorporated with the representative organization of Asia KKBOX.

The concert is unveiled in Taipei, Taiwan on July 7 at the stadium with 18,000 anticipated number of the audience.

Various K-pop artists such as BTS, iKON, SEVENTEEN, VIXX, Red Velvet, and MAMAMOO have confirmed to be in the show.SBS Super Concert in TaipeiSBS Super Concert in TaipeiExpected to have the best performance of the renowned artists, the concert is scheduled to be aired on SBS.

(Credit= SBS/SBS funE, 'bangtan.official' 'OfficialYGiKON' 'seventeennews' 'RedVelvet' 'RBW.MAMAMOO' Facebook)

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