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[SBS Star] VIDEO: BTS JIMIN Tears Up from the Guilt He Is Sick Before Concert


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: BTS JIMIN Tears Up from the Guilt He Is Sick Before Concert
JIMIN from K-pop boy group BTS teared up from physical pain just before the group's concert.

On May 9, the official online channel of the group 'BANGTANTV' unveiled the eighth episode of BTS' original documentary series 'BTS: BURN THE STAGE'.

From the released episode, JIMIN suffered extreme pain from an injury just before the group's concert in Macao.BTSSince BTS performed more than 20 songs for each concert, JIMIN suffered muscular pain in his neck.BTSFrom the pain, JIMIN had to cover his neck with bandages, and other members of the group calmly persuaded him not to push himself to dance on the stage.BTSJIMIN eventually had to give up dancing for the upcoming performance, and he burst into tears from guilt.BTSWhen JIMIN had an interview, he confessed, saying, "Because of me, everything lost balance. I expected that the audience wouldn't concentrate on seeing our performances. People would just get worried to see me."BTSHe continued, "I'm sorry for everything because it was our last concert of the world tour, and our fans cannot expect when we will visit here again."

JIMIN apologized to his fans just before he was about to perform the last song of the concert.BTSGazing at the crowds, JIMIN consecutively said, "I'm so sorry.", and his fans consoled JIMIN.

Although JIMIN could not have his own performance, BTS successfully held its concert in Macao and Seoul.

The public responded to JIMIN's crying, saying, "It's okay. Take care of your body first.", "We always support you.", "He's so professional.", and many more.

(Credit= 'BANGTANTV' YouTube)

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