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[SBS Star] Park Yu Chun's Agency Confirms His Breakup with Hwang Hana


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Park Yu Chuns Agency Confirms His Breakup with Hwang Hana
K-pop boy group JYJ's member Park Yu Chun and his fiancée Hwang Hana's relationship has ended, according to his agency today.

On May 15, Park Yu Chun's management agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, "Park Yu Chun and Hwang Hana's relationship has ended recently. More detail cannot be said, as it is a private matter."Park Yu ChunLast April, Park Yu Chun announced that he was planning to get married to Hwang Hana.

At that time, the announcement attracted a lot of attention from the public, since his fiancée was the granddaughter of the founder of Namyang Dairy Products―one of Korea's largest dairy manufacturers.

The couple first said that their wedding would take place last September, but it was postponed.Park Yu ChunSince then, there have been several rumors about Park Yu Chun's engagement breaking off, but the agency continuously denied them.

After all that, Park Yu Chun has confirmed to have broken up with Hwang Hana today.

Meanwhile, Park Yu Chun held a two-day fan meeting in Japan in March, and is now getting ready for another fan meeting that is scheduled to be held in Seoul on June 4. 

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'CJESJYJ' Facebook, 'shinebright_love0225' Instagram)

(SBS Star)