[SBS Star] U-KNOW Yunho: The Passionate Artist


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] U-KNOW Yunho: The Passionate Artist
Posts from an online community that unveil sincere thoughts and actions of U-KNOW Yunho from K-pop boy band TVXQ! garners attention from the public.

In recent days, several posts from an online community highlight U-KNOW Yunho's diligence and dedications to his job.

One of the posts, for instance, had the screenshots of TVXQ!'s online reality show 'D-cumentary: TVXQ!' that frame U-KNOW Yunho talking about an artist.

From the screenshots, U-KNOW Yunho noted, "I think the word 'artist' doesn't necessarily mean a person who is extremely good at singing and dancing."
U-KNOW YunhoHe continued, "I think it's just how flexible the artist can express his/her characteristic and personality. To give a comparison, it's like having a distinctive color or scent."

U-KNOW Yunho highlighted, "I hope people can interpret our thoughts, feelings, and so on. We concentrate on performances, and I have pride in those."

He ended his comment, "An artist is a person who can influence the others. That's what I think. We are good at nothing but this job."U-KNOW YunhoU-KNOW Yunho has a clear perception for his job.

The piggy bank he unveiled from MBC's variety show 'I Live Alone' also suggests that he values the efforts he has made since the time he was a trainee.U-KNOW YunhoHe noted that the piggy bank reminds him of the old days he has been in struggle, and thus prevents him from getting loosened and lazy.

The piggy bank, witnessed by his fans that it has been in place since 2005, once again underscores his passion for the job.U-KNOW YunhoU-KNOW Yunho(Credit= D-cumentary: TVXQ!, MBC I Live Alone, Online Community)

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