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[SBS Star] Lee Joon Gi Receives Lots of Love on His Birthday!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Lee Joon Gi Receives Lots of Love on His Birthday!
Korean actor Lee Joon Gi has welcomed his 36th birthday on April 17.

On April 17, Lee Joon Gi uploaded photos from his birthday party on his social media account.

In one of the photos, the actor makes the trendy 'finger heart' sign with his fingers, holding a beautiful bunch of red and pink roses.

The other one is a photo of a tray full of many different types of food, and a birthday cake on the side.Lee Joon GiLee Joon GiJudging by Lee Joon Gi's outfit, he appears to be on the set of his upcoming drama 'A Lawless Lawyer' (literal translation), in which he plays the role of a charismatic lawyer 'Bong Sang-pil'.

In the caption, he wrote, "Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday. Thank you. Love ya."Lee Joon GiOn April 8, Lee Joon Gi also shared several pictures that showed him celebrating his birthday in advance.

In the photos, Lee Joon Gi smiles happily with a birthday cake in his hands.Lee Joon GiThese photos were taken at a Korean barbecue restaurant, presumably with his team after his special birthday fan meeting '2018 Joongi's Day' that was held on April 7.

It looks like Lee Joon Gi had a blast, and received lots of love from many people on his birthday this year. Lee Joon GiMeanwhile, Lee Joon Gi's new drama 'A Lawless Lawyer' is scheduled to air its first episode on May 12.Lee Joon GiLee Joon Gi(Lee Narin, Credit= 'actor_jg' Instagram, tvN A Lawless Lawyer)

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