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[SBS Star] Suzy's Unique Skincare Habit?


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Suzys Unique Skincare Habit?
A post from an online community that describes singer/actress Suzy's special skincare habit garners attention from the public.

On April 13, a post from an online community released a screenshot of a description from a fashion magazine in Korea.

From the description, it talked about what Suzy never does for her transparent skin.SuzyThe post described, "Suzy is renowned to have a transparent skin like the one of a baby. It is widely known that she never uses towels after she washes her face."

It continued, "Although the towel is clean, there is a bunch of dust and harmful substances on it! You should just leave water drops after you wash your face! That's how you can get a clean, transparent skin."SuzyA comment of the viewers, however, contrasted to the post.

One of the comments put screenshots of Suzy's online reality show 'Off the REC. Suzy' aired last year.

The screenshots had Suzy wildly rubbing her face with towel, and they completely contrasted to what the magazine was saying.SuzySuzySuzyWith the screenshots of Suzy's reality show, the comment added, "She uses towels after she washes her face. She even intensely rubs her face with the towel."

Other viewers of the post left responses, "It's so funny.", "Okay, she has a beautiful skin because she is born that way.", "Life is unfair.", and many more.

(Credit= Online Community, 'skuukzky' Instagram, 'dingo music' YouTube)

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