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[SBS Star] Jung In Sun♥Lee Yi Kyung Confirmed to be Dating


작성 2018.04.17 15:17 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Jung In Sun♥Lee Yi Kyung Confirmed to be Dating
Korean actress Jung In Sun and actor Lee Yi Kyung confirmed their relationship.

On April 17, a news outlet reported that JTBC drama 'Welcome to Waikiki' co-stars Jung In Sun and Lee Yi Kyung have been dating for a year.

The report informed that the two stars met through close acquaintances last year, and developed their romantic relationship ever since.
Welcome to WaikikiHowever, as they both star in the drama, they reportedly decided not to let their relationship be known, considering the fact that it may affect the drama in a negative way.

The staffs or the fellow cast of the drama did not know about the two's relationship, the report said.
Jung In Sun Lee Yi KyungShortly after the report, Lee Yi Kyung's management agency HB Entertainment confirmed their relationships, as well as Jung In Sun's C-JeS Entertainment.

(Credit= JTBC Welcome to Waikiki, HB Entertainment, C-JeS Entertainment)

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