[SBS Star] Hwang Chi Yeul's Attractive Teaser Images Unveil


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Hwang Chi Yeuls Attractive Teaser Images Unveil
K-pop artist Hwang Chi Yeul's teaser images were released prior to his comeback on April 24.

Recently, Hwang Chi Yeul released different styles of teaser images for his second mini album 'Be Myself'.
Hwang Chi YeolHwang Chi YeolHwang Chi YeolIn some images, he sets a serene mood while he looks charismatic with a suit on the other ones.

Through his new mini album 'Be Myself', Hwang Chi Yeol wishes to express the real side of himself.

'Be Myself' is expected to be the most Hwang Chi Yeol-like album, and it will contain lots of different colors of songs that will show his musical talents.
Hwang Chi YeolHwang Chi YeolMany fans all over the world are waiting for his comeback to listen to his deep and sorrowful voice again.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS funE, 'chiyeul7102' Instagram)

(SBS Star)