[SBS Star] Kang Daniel's Ridiculous Way to Distinguish the Young and the Old


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Kang Daniels Ridiculous Way to Distinguish the Young and the Old
Kang Daniel from K-pop boy band Wanna One unveiled his bizarre way to distinguish people in different age groups from a variety show.

On April 4 episode of MBC's variety show 'It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets', the cast of the show met for the first time at a house.

After his intense schedule, Kang Daniel arrived at home late at night and explored each empty room to guess the members of the program.Kang DanielFrom the episode, Kang Daniel thoroughly examined the bags of the guests and started to make guesses.Kang DanielWhen he, for instance, found several scripts and caps on bed, Kang Daniel soon recognized that an actor and a rapper are part of the new cast.Kang DanielKang DanielAfter his clever conjectures, Kang Daniel entered into the room of a middle-aged actor Lee Pil Mo and found Lee Pil Mo's sunglasses and phone charger.

In addition to Lee Pil Mo's belongings, Kang Daniel paid attention on the fact that Lee Pil Mo uses the room alone.

Kang Daniel commented, "It's the phone charger of the spaceship phone (One of Korean brands' phone). You know, young people don't really use it."Kang DanielHe continued, "Okay, the person should be in his 30s or 40s. He should be older than me for sure. He's also using the room by himself."Kang DanielInterestingly, Lee Pil Mo is 45 years old in Korean age, and Kang Daniel made correct guesses with his unique way.

The public responded to Kang Daniel's cute, distinctive way of making guesses, "He sounds so logical.", "That's cute.", "He resembles the famous manga character the Detective Conan.", and many more.

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