[SBS Star] The Scent of Lemon and 'Master in the House' Sweep Asia


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] The Scent of Lemon and Master in the House Sweep Asia
The members of SBS variety show 'Master in the House' competed for a special present.

On April 15 episode of SBS 'Master in the House',  the cast of the show―Lee Sang Yun, Lee Seung Gi, Yang Se-hyung, and Yook Sungjae, headed to Vietnam to meet their seventh master of the program.

After they finally met the seventh master of the show Park Hang Seo, the former football player and currently the head coach of the Vietnam football team, they moved to a different place for the most competitive game.

From the episode, the cast competed against each other for the items with autographs of the football team and master Park.

The main competition was taken in place with lemons. The members had to eat lemons and whistle in a short time.Master in the HouseThe extremely sour taste of lemons in Vietnam, however, shocked all cast, and the most amusing competition was aired on screen.Master in the HouseMaster in the HouseThe members' deadly painful facial expression especially made the public burst into laughter.


(Credit= SBS Master in the House) 

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