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[SBS Star] iKON's Hilarious Reality Show Teaser Clip Is Making Everyone Laugh


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] iKONs Hilarious Reality Show Teaser Clip Is Making Everyone Laugh
K-pop boy group iKON's first reality show since debut 'iKON TV' is about to unveil itself.

The official title of the show is called 'Self-produced iKON TV', and it will consist of 10 episodes.

For 'iKON TV', each member took turns in planning, filming and editing the episodes, which makes the show even more special besides being the group's first-ever reality show since debut in 2015. iKONOn April 15, about a minute-long teaser clip of ' iKON TV' was released online.

Apparently, the members of iKON have produced the teaser clip as well.

In the video, iKON dresses up in funny outfits, and walks towards Celeb Five, a project group made of five comediennes―An Young Mi, Kim Young-hee, Kim Shin-young, Shin Bong-seon, and Song Eun I.iKONThen, all members of the two groups are seen having a fierce fight with various tools in their hands.

At the end of the video, iKON's member DK says, "I've never seen a reality show like this before without any script nor plans!".iKON'iKON TV' is scheduled to air its first episode on April 21 at 10PM KST.

Watch the full teaser clip below!

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'iKON' YouTube)

(SBS Star)