[SBS Star] Yook Sungjae's Bizarre Response to His Fans


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Yook Sungjaes Bizarre Response to His Fans
Yook Sungjae from K-pop boy group BTOB responded to his fans with bizarre behaviors.

In recent days, several online communities released photos of Yook Sungjae responding to his fans while he was having an ice cream.Yook SungjaeWith the photos, the posts from online communities gave an explanation with the comment, "This is how Yook Sungjae responded to his fans' comments when they praised his outstanding appearance."

The comment continued, "His fans were amazed by his cool appearance, so they exaggerated their responses and said he would look great even when he put an ice cream on his face."Yook SungjaeThe explanation of Yook Sungjae's bizarre response once again highlighted his humorous side.

The public responded to the post and photos, "He is so unexpected.", "His nickname 'The Hot and Crazy Dude' perfectly fits to Yook Sungjae.", "Actually, that's kind of cute.", and many more.

Meanwhile, Yook Sungjae is widely holding activities in various fields. His participation in SBS' variety show 'Master in the House' especially garners attention from the public with his amusing aspects.

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