[SBS Star] BIGBANG's DAESUNG Spotted in the Army


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] BIGBANGs DAESUNG Spotted in the Army
DAESUNG from K-pop boy band BIGBANG was spotted in the army.

On April 15, a post from an online community released photos of DAESUNG's life in the army for the first time after he enlisted in the training base as an active-duty training soldier on March 13.

From the released photos, DAESUNG was reading the Bible at the church in the military since he is notably a devoted Christian with his member TAEYANG.DAESUNGThe photos expose DAESUNG wearing military uniforms with a buzz cut.DAESUNGDAESUNG's bright smile with his companions in the military also garners attention from the public.DAESUNGThe public responded to the photos, "Long time no see, DAESUNG!", "He looks so happy.", "Did he get chocolate pies after worships?", and many more.

DAESUNG joined the military training base on March 13 as an active-duty training soldier, a day after TAEYANG's enlistment.

DAESUNG is expected to be discharged from the duty in December 2019.

(Credit= Online Community, 'BIGBANG' Facebook)

(SBS Star)