[SBS Star] 'The Rock' Challenges an Arm Wrestle Match to This Korean Actor


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Dwayne Johnson, Ma Dong SeokHollywood actor and former professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock has challenged Korean actor Ma Dong Seok to an arm wrestling match.
Dwayne Johnson, Ma Dong SeokDuring his recent interview for his new movie 'RAMPAGE' (2018), the interviewer showed a photo of Ma Dong Seok to Dwayne Johnson.
Dwayne Johnson, Ma Dong SeokIn the picture―a publicity still for his upcoming movie 'Champion' (2018)―Ma Dong Seok boasted his muscular figure, which also surprised the wrestling legend himself.
Dwayne Johnson, Ma Dong SeokDwayne Johnson said, "Mavely(Ma Dong Seok + lovely, Ma Dong Seok's nickname), you look like a bad ass and your arm looks crazy big. I don't know if I would win, but I would be happy to try and arm wrestle you."
Dwayne Johnson, Ma Dong SeokAfter receiving the challenge from Dwayne Johnson, Ma Dong Seok gladly accepted it with a video message.
Dwayne Johnson, Ma Dong SeokMa Dong Seok said, "Dwayne, I've been a big fan of you since your wrestling days. Thanks for the shout out, and it's gonna be great if I can arm wrestle a real champion like you someday."

The actor jokingly added, "But it has to be happened soon because I'm getting little old now.", and wished Dwayne Johnson to stay healthy and strong.
Dwayne Johnson, Ma Dong Seok(Credit= Warner Bros. Korea, 'TheRock' Twitter, 'CJCGV' Facebook)

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