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[SBS Star] VIDEO: The Story Behind Suzy's Audition for Her Agency


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: The Story Behind Suzys Audition for Her Agency
Singer/actress Suzy released the story behind her audition for her agency JYP Entertainment and garnered attention from the public.

On April 12, a post from an online community gave an explanation why Suzy joined the audition for her current agency JYP Entertainment.

The post had screenshots of an episode from Suzy's online variety show 'Off the REC. SUZY' aired last year. SuzyFrom the episode, Suzy went to see the manager who asked her to come for the private audition.

Suzy explained, "I participated in an audition program, and I was waiting for my turn to come. And the manager found me when I was on my way to restroom."

Suzy continued, "I found her suspicious, so I just tried to run away from her, but she waited for hours and desperately asked me to come for the audition."SuzyThe manager responded to Suzy, "Well, Suzy was just so pretty. She was wearing casual clothes like a tomboy, but I could tell that she will become a popular celebrity at first sight."SuzyThe manager also released a video of Suzy's audition, and Suzy burst into laughter.SuzyShe commented on the video, "I want to burn it. That's so embarrassing."SuzyThe public responded to the story and Suzy's video by saying, "She is so pretty.", "She has not changed at all!", "I would wait for her too.", and many more.

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