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[SBS Star] Park Seo Jun Sweetly Prepares 'White Day' Candies for His Fans!


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Park Seo JunKorean actor Park Seo Jun melted the hearts of many fans with the sweetest photos shared in celebration of 'White Day', which is a day similar to 'Valentine's Day' that is celebrated in some parts of Asia, including Korea.

On March 14, Park Seo Jun's management agency Content Y posted specially taken pictures of Park Seo Jun.

In the photos, Park Seo Jun smiles brightly holding up candies.

On 'White Day', candies are given to a loved one.
Park Seo JunIn the caption, it says, "Park Seo Jun has prepared these candies for his fans this year once again!".

From the caption, it can be assumed that Park Seo Jun has thought of preparing the candies for his fans not only this year, but every year.
Park Seo JunRecently, a beauty website 'BeautySoSeek' revealed celebrities that women wished to receive a gift from on 'White Day'.

450 votes were made by women on its website, and Park Seo Jun came third by 18.4%.

The winner was Park Bo Gum, who won by 30%, then it was Gong Yoo with 21.2%.

Meanwhile, Park Seo Jun's new drama 'Why is Secretary Kim Like that?' (literal title) is scheduled to air its first episode in May on tvN.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'contenty_official' Instagram, 'contenty' Naver Post)

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