[SBS Star] 'Cheese in the Trap' in Theaters: Here's the Real Time Responses!


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Cheese in the Trap in Theaters: Heres the Real Time Responses!
The film 'Cheese in the Trap' is finally unveiled today, and the real time responses of the film catch the eyes of the public.

On March 14, the film 'Cheese in the Trap' with incessant support and spotlight is out to the theaters.

With the actors and actresses that perfectly resemble the characters from the webtoon series 'Cheese in the Trap', the film has garnered endless attention from the public since it was in the process of filming.

The production company of the film also updated photos of the film on the day of its release, and the excitement towards the movie is further accelerated.
Cheese in the TrapCheese in the TrapCheese in the TrapCheese in the TrapYet people had two different responses after they watched the film.

One of the viewers, for instance, left a real time response, saying, "It wasn't boring at all. I couldn't think of time."

The viewer continued, "With the interesting storyline, I could enjoy seeing cool casts from the work."

Besides his/her response, the other viewer of the film also noted, "The casts just perfectly resemble the characters in the webtoon series."Cheese in the TrapCheese in the TrapHowever, a portion of the audience left comments saying that it was not enough to condense every content in two hours.

One of the audience left a comment, "I feel like this film is just about the casts. I hope there was more romance in it. The film could have been so much better."Cheese in the TrapCheese in the TrapThe film based on the plot of its original webtoon series that draw a romance between an attractive yet enigmatic guy named Yoo Jung and an ordinary, charming, cute girl named Hong Seol.

With the success of the drama 'Cheese in the Trap' (2016), the film 'Cheese in the Trap' garners unstoppable attention from the public.

(Credit= Mountain Movement Story, Naver Movie)

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