[SBS Star] The Story Behind Kim Sae Ron's High School Dropout


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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] The Story Behind Kim Sae Rons High School Dropout
Actress Kim Sae Ron confessed the reason why she dropped out of high school.

On March 13, OLIVE 'Hotel Snail' aired an episode in which the guests of the show were invited for a supper.

For the special supper of the day, the visitors of 'Hotel Snail' gathered at one place while the hosts of the show were busy preparing the dishes.

When Kim Sae Ron was asked by one of the guests whether she is attending high school, she answered, "I dropped out of high school."Kim Sae RonShe continued, "I used to go to one of the Arts High Schools in Korea, and I was planning to major in acting at college. But that meant that I had to study the same thing for six to seven years."Kim Sae RonShe added, "I wanted to spend the three years of high school studying foreign languages. So I dropped out of high school and framed my own agenda of academic curriculums."

Kim Sae Ron has a clear studying plan for herself.

She noted, "I spend two hours on studying foreign languages and two hours for the rest of high school curriculums every day."Kim Sae RonShe also highlighted, "I exercise and do what I really want to learn. I'm basically using my time for myself, just like how I spend my time at school."

Kim Sae Ron explained further, "I wanted to drop out of high school and spend time for my own interests."Kim Sae RonShe ended her comment, "My parents respected my decision. They always wait for me since I have a clear purpose and agenda.", and surprised people with mature attitude.Kim Sae RonDebuted in 2009 as a child actress, Kim sae Ron has been in various works.

Her representative works are the films 'The Man from Nowhere' (2010), 'The Neighbor' (2012), and the drama 'The Queen's Classroom' (2013).

(Credit= OLIVE Hotel Snail, 'olivehotelsnail' Facebook)

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