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[SBS Star] VIDEO: The Street Performance with CLC's Surprise Appearance!


작성 2018.03.14 14:41 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] VIDEO: The Street Performance with CLCs Surprise Appearance!
An uprising K-pop girl group CLC abruptly joined the street performance of the group's song 'BLACK DRESS' at Hongdae, Seoul.

On March 11, Korean dance crew Diana released the video of dance cover for CLC's recent song 'BLACK DRESS'.

From the uploaded video, six girls in pink wardrobes were dancing in front of the crowds at the street of Hongdae.

When the girls were passionately dancing for the song, a crowd of women in black suits abruptly appeared in the street and mesmerized the audience.CLCSurprisingly, the crowd of women in black, classy suits was the real artist of the song, CLC.

From the group's unexpected, abrupt join of the video, the members of Diana could not hide their surprises for the CLC's emergence.CLCAlthough the members of Diana were in chaos and flustered for a while, they soon followed the dance move of CLC and had a successful collaboration with the real artist of the song.CLCThe public responded to the video by saying, "This is amazing!", "They must be so surprised!", "What a perfect collaboration!", and many more.

Meanwhile, CLC released the title track 'BLACK DRESS' on February 22 that accentuates the mature charms of the group with classic, dressy outfits.

The trendy, catchy beat of the song with the memorable hook soon enthralled people.

(Credit= 'Diana' YouTube)

(SBS Star)