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[SBS Star] Stray Kids' Charismatic Debut Concept Photos Unveiled!


작성 2018.03.14 14:28 조회수
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기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] Stray Kids Charismatic Debut Concept Photos Unveiled!
A rookie K-pop boy group Stray Kids' debut concept photos have finally revealed.

Recently, JYP Entertainment announced a new boy group Stray Kids' debut.

The 9-member group's debut grabbed attention from all K-pop fans around the world, as it would be the first time for a boy group to debut under JYP Entertainment since 2014's GOT7.

Stray Kids will be releasing its debut album 'I am NOT' with a title track 'DISTRICT 9' on March 26.

It has been said that all songs on the album were produced by the members themselves.

On March 14, JYP Entertainment revealed debut concept photos of Stray Kids on their social media account.

In the group photo, the group's members were captured playing around inside of a large, unused bus.

They look free-spirited, but somewhat rebellious at the same time.Stray KidsIn the individual photos, the members intensely stare at the camera with an abandoned factory in the background.

Take a look at these individual concept photos, and get familiar with the names of the group's members before their hot debut!

Stray Kids2. WOOJIN
Stray Kids3. LEE KNOW
Stray Kids4. CHANGBIN
Stray Kids5. HYUNJIN
Stray Kids6. HAN
Stray Kids7. FELIX
Stray Kids8. SEUNGMIN
Stray Kids9. I.N
Stray Kids
(Lee Narin, Credit= 'Stray_Kids' Twitter)

(SBS Star)